"Life does come with an instruction manual, its written in the stars" —Melissa of Eighth House Wisdom 

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As a professional astrologer, I show clients who are stuck in a life area, experiencing resistance or struggling with self-doubt how to embrace natural gifts & talents, identify & navigate potential challenges and find clarity. I do this through using your birth date, location and time to generate a chart and report that becomes Your Personalized Life Instruction Manual.


And I haven't met a person yet who  who hasn't wanted a Personalized Life Instruction Manual at some point in their life. Well, now you can get your very own right here!  It's one of the reasons I love astrology - because it is scientific, visual, specific and goes deep. An Astro Chart is one of the most powerful life planning tools available, because the information is specific to you!  It will reveal the archetypes and patterns of events and behaviors that are associated with your unique planetary positions and birth date.   


Each report comes in PDF format complete with astrological charts and interpretations for review, and are included in any in-depth reading. They are a great way to learn more about yourself and the science of astrology as a personal development tool.  


Astrological Reports Offered:

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I am Melissa of Eight House Wisdom and I show professional women who are overstressed, burnt out and feeling trapped how to quickly bring beacon light energy into their work, get better results while finding personal and spiritual fulfillment.


I also show entrepreneurs struggling with low revenue, doubts , and aversions to marketing/sales how to double their income, be more confident in their life & business, and market themselves enthusiastically.  


I am deeply committed to healing and personal development. I use my training as an Astrologer, Licensed Psychotherapist, Transformational Coach & Intuitive Reader with 20 years of professional experience to guide you towards inner health to achieve outer wealth.


Through my practice at Eighth House Wisdom, I show women like me, especially women of color, who are struggling, trapped and stuck in their lives and/or jobs how to achieve personal & financial goals have more time to enjoy life. The same way I did when I left my 20 years of professional work for business ownership, and worked through these same issues.  



I offer live or recorded astrological readings via Zoom. Each reading combines a Astrology Report PDF along with advanced interpretation/clarifications. This allows for amazingly accurate and detailed descriptions and predictions, especially when exact birth information can be provided.


  • Standard Natal Chart Reading

  • Advanced Natal Astrology Reading 

  • Newborn/Infant Natal Reading 

Transformational Coaching

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and Transformational Coach with a background in human development, education and leadership. I am passionate about helping professional women and female entrepreneurs define and achieve success and happiness through personal development. 

  • Life Path Strategy Session

  • Coaching Sessions & Packages

  • EFT (Meridian Tapping) Session

Intuitive Readings

Tarot and Oracle cards work provide an intuitive snapshot of current options and deciding factors related to the question you pose. It works with your subconscious and allows you to explore possibilities as an aid in decision making and provides external validation of your own intuition. All readings are live or recorded via Zoom.

  • Tarot Readings

  • Oracle Readings

Don't We All Want To Live Happily Ever After...?

One of life’s big questions I’m asked by women as an astrologer is about their romantic compatibility with men.  For women trying to find their soul mate they want every advantage at getting through the maze called dating. How we meet men may have gotten an upgrade in the technology age, but wanting to find true love is something that’s timeless.


So I’ve taken the questions I’m asked and turned it into a guide for every woman to live “Astrologically Happy Ever After“  With this book you can:




Available in PDF (printable) and E-Pub (for all E-Readers) format. 

Eighth House Wisdom Shoppe

The Desire Map   

Metaphysical Shoppe & Apothecary 

Eighth House Wisdom supplies your every need for personal growth, meditation practice and ritual work. We have a Metaphysical Shoppe & Apothecary with more than 4000 items ranging from:

  • Bulk Herbs

  • Candles and Incense

  • Crystals and Gemstones

  • Jewelry

  • Hundreds of Books 

  • Tarot Card Decks

  • Lotions, Soaps and Bath Salts

  • Meditation Supplies and more...

Return to your heart. Choose your feelings. Create your life with intention.

Here’s the strategy: Always start in the heart.

The Desire Map is a holistic approach to life planning that uses your core desired feelings as the guidance system for your goal setting. Over 125,000 copies sold and print in multiple languages.

You’re a seeker who wants to get things done. You want to take your life from good to great. You want to strive less and at the same time, open up to the fortunes of life — from greater life force and passion to cash, adventure and freedom of every kind. You’re here to design a life that’s an expression of your soul.

The Desire Map has become a new power tool for transformation and navigating my life path - right alongside my birth chart and intuitive readings. It's made such a difference for me that I became an official Desire Map facilitator. I offer workshops in-person and virtually, because I want to play a role in women getting tuned into their feelings and in touch with their deepest desires. I am also a proud affiliate.* 


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