"Life does come with an instruction manual, its written in the stars" —Melissa of Eighth House Wisdom 

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Your Chart wheel Birth chart is based on your date time and place of birth and personal to you. 

It displays the Sun Sign and Moon Sign positions as well as all the other planets at the exact moment you were born.


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“I thank the moon, stars, universe, god and the lord for 8th house wisdom and Melissa!! I was definitely a person to focus on the negative aspects of my life, feeling like the victim and thinking life was unfair. Melissa became my life coach, teaching me how to raise my vibration and create my own destiny. Money was such a big thing for me, I never had enough. I worked and worked and worked never achieving my financial goals. I was taught to change my mind about finances and watch the magic happen. I recommend 8th house wisdom to anyone I come in contact with suffering from “life”. Thank you Melissa! I’m forever grateful!

How to raise my vibration & create my own vibration...

Kim G., Washington DC

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Astrology Tools for Women in Life & Love 

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I haven't met a person yet who hasn't wanted a Personalized Life Instruction Manual at some point in their life. Well, now you can get your very own right here!  It's one of the reasons I love astrology - because it is scientific, visual, specific and goes deep. An Astro Chart is one of the most powerful life planning tools available, because the information is specific to you!  It will reveal the archetypes and patterns of events and behaviors that are associated with your unique planetary positions and birth date.   

Try one of our FREE personal samples and then dig into the Astrology and Tarot readings on a wide range of topics, from the future, relationships and dating, and a range of personal understanding readings, including career analysis.

Each report comes in PDF format complete with astrological charts and interpretations for review, and are included in any in-depth reading. They are a great way to learn more about yourself and the science of astrology as a personal development tool.  




Life Destiny 

How you instinctively behave and react to critical situations.

Soul Profile 

Discover your single-mindedness, desire, talent, sensitivity, and future possibilities.

Career Analysis 

Qualities that influence your professional working life and potential success.

Child Development 

Recognize and encourage your child's talent in a self-assured way.

Intimate Lover 

Gain confidence in your ability to improve your love-making - creating memorable moments of pleasure.

Personal Outlook 

Gain a deeper understanding of motivations, challenges, and strengths.

Time Traveler 

Karma - Why You Are Like You Are.




Spot valuable opportunities. A changing relationship, job, or home

Life Stages 

Make the most of events and encounters. Discover what triggers your powers of persuasion and progress?

Love Life Forecast 

Important dates for romantic or social activity. Details the best times for love during the months ahead.


Make use of your most positive characteristics during the promising time periods indicated.

Personal Destiny Forecast 

Develop the most positive and rewarding parts of your character.

Life Planner 

Benefit from life-changing events and know when they occur. Make everyday activities easier to handle!

Hidden Secret Destiny 

Unique and detailed insight into enduring qualities affecting your most significant relationships.

Lucky Encounters Destiny 

Identify potential areas for success and happiness in your life.

Love & Passion Destiny 

The way you invest energy in your quest for love. How you try and get your way. The achievement of your desires.

Karma & Healing Destiny 

Learn from Past Lives - Your New Journey Awaits

Career & Ambition Destiny 

Your aspirations, dependability, and decision-making abilities




Star Lovers 

How you feel about each other, the way to make a success of being together.

Soul Mates 

Identifies the positive qualities you share in order to achieve more happiness together.

Relationship Success 

Understand the best way to handle your partner and stay happy and content together.

Relationship Reality

Find out the reality of becoming a couple as you grow into a long term relationship.


Featured Special Deal

 Transformational Coaching with Astrology

   I am Melissa of Eighth House Wisdom and I show women who are overstressed, burnt out and feeling

  trapped how to quickly bring beacon light energy into their work, get better results while finding personal

  and spiritual fulfillment.

  I am deeply committed to healing and personal development. I use my training as an Astrologer, Licensed

  Psychotherapist, Coach & Intuitive Reader with 20 years of professional experience to guide you towards

  inner health to achieve outer wealth.

  Through the services at Eighth House Wisdom, I show women like me, especially women of color, who are

  struggling, trapped and stuck in their lives and/or jobs how to achieve personal & financial goals have more

  time to enjoy life. The same way I did when I left my career of 20 years for entrepreneurship and worked

  through these same issues.   


 Astro Coaching

  I offer live or recorded astrological coaching & readings via Zoom. Each session combines a Astrology Report

  PDF along with advanced interpretation/clarifications. This allows for amazingly accurate and detailed    

  descriptions and predictions, especially when exact birth information can be provided.


  • Fundamentals Level: Your Core Astro Signature 

  • Fundamentals Level: Newborn/Infant Stellar Birthright Session For Parents 

  • Novice Level :  Stellar GPS Design 

  • Intermediate Level: The Stellar Year Blueprint or The Lunar Wisdom Formula Jumpstarts 

  • Advanced Level: Your Stellar Birthright 

  Strategy Sessions

   Do you need help with deciding your next steps, actions or want more clarity to move    ahead?


   Check out a Lifestyle Design or Quantum Leap Breakthrough Session. For women that don't want a long

   term coaching commitment and want no fluff, real talk strategy, guidance and empowerment in their life.  

   Or for those who need just a few shifts in mindset or practical tools to propel her forward to the other


   I am passionate about helping professional women and female entrepreneurs define and achieve success

   and happiness. These short term solutions are designed to help you dissolve inner blocks and apply tools

   to live your best life

  • Lifestyle Design Session

  • Quantum Leap Breakthrough Session

  Intuitive Readings

    Tarot and Oracle cards work provide an intuitive snapshot of current options and deciding factors related

    to the question you pose. It works with your subconscious and allows you to explore possibilities as an aid

    in decision making and provides external validation of your own intuition. All readings are live or recorded

    via Zoom.

  • Tarot Readings

  • Oracle Readings

FREE The Stellar Year Blueprint:

The Art, Science & Wisdom of Synchronizing Your Goals To The Personal Success Cycles In The Stars, Moon & Seasons.