Understanding Your Stellar Birthright

Understanding Your Stellar Birthright is a book that allows you to decode your destiny as it is written in the stars, or your Natal Chart. Many of us grew up reading newspaper horoscopes to find our what the forecast is for the upcoming day or week. What most of us don't know is that the writing of newspaper and internet horoscopes was an advent of the late 20th century. Early astrologers Evangaline Adams in the US and R.H. Naylor in the UK, introduce this science to early printing presses and the massess of the Western World. Most newspaper and now internet horoscope focus on your "Sun Sign". This is the Sun's astrological placement at the time of your birth. While this gives some information about your personal make-up, it leaves our critical parts, that leave people wondering "How can all Tauruses be the same?


The answer to that question is - They are not! Each of us has a unique astral imprint of all the planetary and luminary placements at our time of birth. With the exception of twins born within minutes of each other, most of us have our own unique astrological profile. With information such as a your birth time and place of birth, an astrologer can really uplevel the accuracy and precision of the information reported. Understanding Your Stellar Birthright will allow you to be able to read and understand with great clarity, what your natal astrological chart means for your future. It will also change the way that you look at horoscope forecasts and what information you gather from them. 


Understanding Your Stellar Birthright will guide you through the 3 major parts of ones personality: the Emotional Self (The Moon); the Ego Self (The Sun) and the Public Self (The Ascendant). It will also provide insight into the meaning of other personal planets and their daily implications: Mercury (communication/thinking), Venus (Love/Romance), Mars (Energy/Action), and Jupiter (Luck and Good Fortune). It will also cover the Generational Planetary influences like Uranus (Technology and innovation), Neptune (Spritual Outlook), and Saturn (The Lord of Karma).  Once you can understand the function of these planets and how they work in your own chart, you ability to utilize the information contained in your natal chart is limitless. 


This book is a great companion to any astrological report that you receive as a way of undergirding the report detail with more insight. This is also a great text for anyone who would like to look at human development and behavior through another lense, or begin studying more esoteric sciences like astrology.  

Available for Download 08/08/15 !