Uranus Retrograde Marks The Start of 2021

Welcome to 2021 and a new cycle of energetics to go with it. The year starts off with a bang with Uranus going into the backward motion called Retrograde that every planet does. The exception to this rule are the Sun☀️​ and Moon🌕​ because they are luminaries or light givers.

To use the potent reflective energy that Retrogrades bring, I have created a reflective workbook for self-inquiry on the current stellar energy.

✨The Eighth House Wisdom Uranus Retrograde Workbook is a reflective process to guide you through the energies that occur during this cosmic event.

✨Uranus energy is one of revolution, rebellion and eccentricity in the midst of the the backwards motion.

✨The questions in this guide will help you through related themed and energy. So that you get clear on what you are wanting to release and gain inner clarity on in your personal life.