The Warrior⚔​ Goddess & The Aries New Moon🌑​♈️​

We have entered a new decade (The 2020’s), new age (of Air 💨​) and new energy with the Aries New Moon ♈️🌑Although she may be dark in the sky, never doubt that her Fire Power 🔥 is here to clear away the energy that has been built up since this time last year.

Social distancing is still a thing but with the momentum of the vaccine and the weather is finally breaking for Springtime things💐, many of us can really tap into the feeling of inspiration. But this powerful new moon gives us the double blessing of the Aries Sun☀️​ & Moon🌑​ gives us a deep need to take action, plant a seed and do something! This is the most fertile New Moon energy of the year, and we need to use it to our advantage and for the highest good of the planet earth🌎


Aries New Moon♓️​​🌑​ Inspiration

Archetype: The Warrior

1st House Lunation - The Self

Motto: I AM

✨​This New Moon joins the Sun, Venus and Neptune to Creates A 4 Planet Stellium In the Sensitive Sign of Pisces

✨Take Inspired Action

✨Great Time for Clearing Ritual

✨Fiery Emotional Energy

✨​Most Fertile Moon of the Year

✨​Aries energy invites us to own our unique expressions of self and our authenticity - The Great I AM

✨Who are you becoming or ready to become right now?

✨​How can I use my energy and enthusiasm to be a benefit and blessing to others?