The Pink Scorpio♏️​ Super Full Moon's🌕​ Transforming Act

We'll be plunging into the depths of emotions, transformation and community finances with the Scorpio♏️​ Super Full Moon🌕​ this evening at exact at 11:31 p.m, EST. Remember that Full Moons are all about releasing and letting go, especially those things we planted 2 weeks ago at the New Moon. We will also see returns, completions and manifestations from the Scorpio New Moon🌑​ of 2020 on November 14th.

With this 8th House (birth, death, sex, other peoples money activation by the moon we are dropping mysterious depths of psyche and spirit and may feel like there is something more going on behind the scenes that must be uncovered. That means many of us will feel like an emotional detective or like we’re falling down a deep well of feelings, because Scorpio goes straight to the core.

And then there’s the super moon part of this Lunar Wisdom Formula. Super moon mean that the Moon’s orbit is very close to the Earth’s🌎​ surface, which gives even more intensity to Full Moon effects. Which is like playing pile-on Uno when it comes to Scorpio energy which lives for intensity. But there are opportunities to embrace our shadow side so that we can live more in the light that the Spring Equinox has been delivering us since March 20th.

The blessings of the cosmos is that it thrives off of balance, cycles and rhythms. That’s why we don’t face this illumination of our darkside until the days begin to grow in length and light. And like it its Native American namesake, the Pink Moon, when the flowers are in bloom and we’ve reached the anchor & heart of the Spring Season.

Despite the fact that Scorpio is known to get unfavorable criticism for being "unnerving", truly when we face our feelings of dread, we generally come out the opposite side more grounded, more shrewd, and more certain… and, truly, what could be superior to that?

This is an incredible chance to investigate the concerns that have been playing at the forefront of your thoughts. Is it safe to say that they are really situated in reality? If not, then where do they initially come from? Furthermore, how much better would your life be if you just ran at your feelings of dread as opposed to allowing them to control you? This Full Moon has the power to help us see through the darkness to what is hindering us from living our best lives!

A Few Important Questions to Ask Yourself During This Full Moon…

  1. “What negative thoughts or beliefs have been playing on your mind lately? How can you rewrite the story so that it veers towards the BEST possible outcome rather than the worst?”