The Mystic Magic of The New Moon🌑​ In Pisces♓️​

We are enjoying the dark side of the moon today and the last New Moon of the revolutionary astrological year that was 2020. This New Moon in Pisces♓️ which rose in the morning sky at 5:21 AM is not to be slept on at all. It creates a 4 Planet Stellium (assembly of planets) in the House of Dreams & Secrets by joining with the Sun, Venus & Neptune which are in close.

This makes it a time when Emotions are heightened, and the cycle is renewing its peak. Plant seeds during this new moon that will take shape in 2 weeks and again in 6 months with the coordinating Full Moon also known as the Harvest Moon in late Summer.

Celebrating the Last New Moon of Astrological Year 2020 ​

Pisces New Moon♓️​​🌑​ Imagination

✨​This New Moon joins the Sun, Venus and Neptune to Creates A 4 Planet Stellium In the Sensitive Sign of Pisces

✨Be Prepared For Strong Intuitive Insights ​

✨Deep Wellsprings Of Compassion Are Likely To Bubble Up

✨Best ​Moon for Psychic and “The Clairs” (Second Senses) Connections & Magic

✨​Good Time To Clear of Karma & Low Vibration Energy

✨​Avoid Denial Of Any Kind - The Only Way Out Is Through

✨​Check & Firm Up Your Boundaries To Make Them Healthy - Not A Fortress

✨​Revelations About Who Is Trustworthy May Come Now - Cut All Toxic Ties

✨​Decide Where You Will Surrender - Music & Dancing Can Help With This

✨​Keep A Dream Journal