The Libra♎️ Full Moon🌕 and The Power of We⚖

We are preparing to welcome in the beautiful, balance and 2nd super full moon in Libra on March 28, 2021 at 2:48 p.m. EDT. As we enjoy the increasing light and renewal that the season of Spring brings, we get the chance to focus on all things relationship and “we” with the Full Moon🌕​ in Libra♎️​.

It is called the Worm Moon by the first nations and natives of America due to the presence of worms in the ground announcing the emergence of Spring and planting season. Remember that The Lunar Wisdom Formula recommends initiating things during the New Moon and allowing things to come to completion with release during the Full Moon.

So we need to think back to October 16,2020 when we experienced the New Moon🌑​ in Libra♎️​​ and what we set into motion, to think about things we need to release. And of course, zeroing in on the qualities and traits of Libra in addition to the current Astro Weather will give us the specifics of what to expect and how to structure any ritual.

This Libra Full Moon is focused on the relationships we have in our lives, and this may feel like a bit of a sore spot to reflect on during this time of COVID-19. Especially since the asteroid Chiron (the wounded healer) is in aspect to this lunation (full light of the moon).

But if this year has taught us anything, we cannot turn a blind eye to that which looks and feels uncomfortable. With Chiron in play there are wounds that can finally be healed and relationships that can finally come back together under the Libra influence. This includes your relationship with:

⚖​ yourself

⚖​ your mom

⚖​ your dad

⚖​ your lover or spouse

⚖​ the person you fancy

⚖​ your ex

⚖​ your boss

⚖​ your business partner

⚖​ and your kids