The First Full Moon of 2021 & The Lunar Wisdom Formula

Part of my first full moon of 2021 ritual is tied to releasing big things. And since this is also the the “Day of Miracles”, which is an astrological event where the Sun(Self/Ego) and Jupiter(Luck & Expansion) meet up at the same degree (in Aquarius♒️​), I’m releasing the first section of my new e-book The Lunar Wisdom Formula: A Woman's Manifestation Guide To Align With Your Sacred Feminine Energy & Intuition By The Moon as a gift to all. The information contained within is so vital to women and women-identifying humans to help us reconnect with our life-giving essence, the seat of our power and inner divinity. The Moon is the heart of the Sacred Feminine energy for us Earthlings🌎​

In keeping with the dynamic, dramatic and giving energy of the Leo Full Moon, I am releasing this snippet to start a wave of Lunar Cycle awareness amongst all my Wise Ones! But let’s get into this information about today’s full moon and how the activation of the tradition 5th House of Creativity, Romance & Children will impact you…

✨Leo♌️​ Full Wolf Moon

✨​Examine the results of what you initiated on the Leo New Moon that occurred 6 months ago August 18, 2020

✨​Venus and Pluto conjunction at 25º Capricorn♑️​ add to magnetism of the day.

✨​The Full Moon also occurs on the “The Day of Miracles," when Sun and lucky planet Jupiter are in the same degree - This year it’s in Aquarius♒️​

✨ Be Romantic & Sentimental

✨​ Embrace The Drama, Be Creative & Shine

✨Put Energy Behind Your Passion

✨This Fiery Lunar Energy is Soul Igniting & Restorative

✨ Super Potent Energy

✨We Will Also Reap Harvests From Seeds Planted During the 8:8 Lions Gate Portal in August 2020