Sun🌞​ & Moon🌜​Power: The Plot & Setting of Your Life Story - The BIG 3 In Astrology Series Part 2

As an astrologer I love to ask people why they read their horoscope? Whether you’re old school reading them in the newspaper or magazine column, or do it online or using one of the apps like Pattern or CoStar, each day millions of people read their daily horoscope. Some are searching for answers to their problems, looking for any inkling of relief that might present itself.

Some are reading just for entertainment, trying to fill some time. Then there are those who read it simply out of habit they’ve always read it, so they keep reading it, whether it makes a difference in their lives or not.

The horoscope you read in public newspapers or on a website is written in very general terms and can be easily applied to a wide spectrum of situations. This type of horoscope isn’t as useful to you as it could be. And it accounts for so many people telling me that they don’t believe in Astrology because it isn’t specific or accurate enough.

This is why I recommend that everyone get a copy of their birth chart, so we have all the players in the story of your life. A story needs the plot, the setting and the characters. A birth chart or natal chart, tells the real story of your natural personality.

This chart graphs the position of the planets and astrological houses present in the sky at the very time of your birth. This is what we look at to discover your own Big 3 In Astrology and what guidance it can give you.

The characteristics assigned to the planets and astrological houses this chart can reveal your motivations, desires, positives, negatives, and just why you are the way you are. It’s like unlocking the code to access your personalized life instruction manual, that has always been with you.

The three most important things to review about your birth chart are the sun sign, the moon sign and the ascendant.

  • Your Sun Sign🌞​ reveals your inner-self the core of who you are, and how you see yourself. This is the most general aspects of your personality.

  • Your Moon Sign🌜​indicates emotional and intuitive responses - the way you deal with certain situations.

  • The Rising/Ascendant Sign⬆️​ can be thought of as your outward personality - the part of you that y