Order in the Queen’s Court With The Full Moon In Virgo

We are approaching the Full Snow Moon in Virgo during the late night/early morning of 2/27/21 at 3:17am EST. This moon will bring some heightened analysis, rationality and order to our worlds. We would be wise to welcome her insights as we wait for the snow to finally clear out in the days ahead moving towards the Spring Equinox and the start of the Astrological New Year. The Snow Moon gets its name from Native American tribes who noted the cycles of the seasons and that this time of year is when the snow is most plentiful and deep in the cold parts of North America.

And now thanks to climate change and the energetics of the recent exact Square (hard aspect) of Saturn and Uranus, we even got snow in places that don’t know what to do with it like Texas! The Uranian disruptor energy is in full effect and being in a fellow Earth sign of Taurus means it will make Trine (easy, harmonious aspect) with this Moon.

But back to this 2nd full moon of the year

The sign of Virgo the Virgin is one that looks to pair things down to their essentials and create simplicity and is excellent at minimalism. While Virgo may be a virgin she is the embodiment of the Queen Mother energy and she is the kind of ruler who will get the Queen’s Court in order with her practical, down-to-earth kind of energy. Virgo calls in the archetype of The Healer who brings remedies through her insight and knowledge of the earth’s bounty and harvest.

Virgo♍️​​ Full Snow Moon

✨​As you release Mercury Retrograde energy from this month make sure to look back to September 17, 2020 to envision what will be completed for you.

✨​Uranus in Taurus at 7º Capricorn♑️​ will trine with the Moon giving us ease with the strong Earth-based practical energy over the next few days.

✨ Do Grounding Work & Be Practical

✨Attend To Details

✨Put In Some Hard Work

✨This Earthy Lunar Energy Opposing the Pisces Sun Means Intuition Will Be Seen And Felt

✨Simplicity Will Always Reign Under Virgo Influence

To make the most of the this powerful lunar energy, take time to engage in some form of ritual to honor our celestial mother. Take a look at the following prompts to stimulate the kind of insights that are favored during the Moon in Virgo, the 6th House Of Health, Work & Service.

  1. What places in your life are you prepare to hit a new level of authenticity and alignment?

  2. Where are the breakdowns in your life right now?

  3. In what ways could your life and affairs benefit from elimination?

  4. How do you feel called to honor your intuition?

  5. What area(s) of your life could be improved by being simple and minimalist?

  6. What parts of you are calling for a healing now?

If you would like to grow your Moon Watching practice and deepen your connection to our light giver 🌕 then check out my new guide The Lunar Wisdom Formula: A Woman's Manifestation Guide To Align With Your Sacred Feminine Energy & Intuition By The Moon

Light⭐️ & Love💙,

Wise Ones

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