Mixed Up and Spaced Out in a Dream World: Jupiter & Neptune Retrograde 2021

Imagine riding in a speeding train and passing a slower train. Both trains are moving straight ahead, but as the trains are passing, the slower train appears to be moving backwards, at least from the point of view of the riders on the fast train.

This same effect occurs with the planets. As the Earth passes (or is passed by) other planets in the solar system, for a while, they appear to slow in their path across the Zodiac. Then they stop altogether, and backtrack against their paths for a short while, and stop again. Finally, they get back up to speed again, and return to where they started.

The entire period from the point where the planet started to slow down, through the backwards motion, until the planet catches up to itself and passes the point where it started from called Retrograde. It’s a fairly common and straightforward event in astronomy, but it takes on a whole new meaning in astrology. Retrograde periods are traditionally regarded as times when humans have little control, when things that are fated to happen actually happen. It’s also where Astrology becomes a secret weapon, because “knowledge is power” and learning more what is going on can support massive changes in your personal outcome.

Retrograde Season 2021

In the last days of June we’ve had the last two modern, social outer planets to go retrograde on June 20th (Jupiter - Expansion) & June 25th (Neptune – Imagination). They are joining the Mercury (Communication) Retrograde Post Shadow ending on July 2nd along with Pluto (Transformation), Saturn (Limits & Boundar