Leo♌️​: The King👑​

☀️Leo The Lion♌️​

⭐️​​5th House Ruler

⭐️​Element: 🔥​

⭐️​Essence: Fixed/Authority

⭐️Motto: I CREATE

⭐️​Archetype: The King

Creativity Reigns Supreme

Welcome To Leo Season​♌️​☀️​

☀️​The symbol for this sign is the King of the Jungle, the Lion with his loud roar, full mane and pride of adoring lioness’ who take care of him and their young over a lifetime. Used to being treated like a royalty, natives are generous and benovolent to all those around them. Leo is known as The King archetype.

♌️Its glyph represents the lion's mane, his greatest quality, but also the heart because this sign rules that part of our bodies. Leos are proud and warm people who need to be noticed for all the right reasons and become their best selves when this happens.

☀️Leo Season is really the heart of summer and anchors these warm months just like every Fixed sign does. It the time where we hit our Sumer time groove and need to escape the heat of the Sun’s rays with creativity and a lot of fun.

​♌️​ During this time we can tap into our inner teen and go for self in a way that doesn’t provoke all the guilt we feel during other times of year. We are full of energy, excitement and lots of drama - so its a perfect time to channel this energy into creating something of lasting value for self and others. It’s the best way to use the spirited energy this fire🔥​ sign offers! Ashe✨

All About Leo♌️​

Leos (July 22/23 - August 22) are among the kings of the zodiac. They are generous and warm-hearted, creative, faithful and loving. They can also be prideful and dominant. In Greek mythology, Leo was the lion that was killed by Hercules as the first of his 12 chores. Leos are spontaneous and extroverted. Like the “King of the Jungle”, they like to be in command and make good leaders. They’re smart, high-minded and can be deeply faithful.