Intuition And ALL the Feels with the Cancer New Moon♋️​

Cancer New Moon is exact at 9:17pm tonight. This new moon has four planets in Water — this time, two in Cancer (the Sun and the Moon), and two in Pisces (Jupiter and Neptune). When the Sun and Moon are in the same sign they intensify the signs’ personality traits in a big way in our lives for that 2.5 day period. For people born with this core Astro-Signature it creates a blind spot in our ability to tell the difference between how we shine (Sun) and how we feel & our environment (Moon). So, I’m sending so many good vibes to my double-Cancer natives out there!

Some new moons can be trying, but this new moon is comfy and delectable in all the ways that make you feel warm inside. It's an ideal new moon for showing, doing ceremonies that include water, and sinking into your sentiments. The energy during this time has a focus on home & hearth, ancestors, nurturing and self-care

Sensitivities are a blessing—and today’s empathic new moon in Cancer♋️​ heightens them for all of us who like to keep our feelings under lock and key. Many old sentiments and sayings convince us that it’s better to hide emotion behind a defensive shell, but at a time like this, that caution play could cost you the success. So don’t stand on ceremony for one more moment, open up about how you feel to allow those intuitive messages to create the kind of happiness that feels as good as it looks.

The Lunar Wisdom Formula: July New Moon


Cancer New Moon ♋️​​🌑​ Intuition

Archetype: The Mother

4th House Lunation - Home & Ancestors


🌑Focus on Home, Hearth & The Enviro