Happy Lunar New Year 2021:East Meets West Astrology Mash Up

Happy Lunar New Year 2021! Today is the start of Eastern Cultures Lunar New Year/Spring Festival in the year of the Metal Ox. After making it through last year into this new decade, we could all probably use another new year celebration to restructure and reset. Especially after the explosive start of 2021 and since all things with the “re” prefix are favored during this time of Mercury in Retrograde.

Yesterday at 2:06pm we welcomed to the New Moon in Aquarius at 23° and it was around 6:03am this morning that the Moon really went completely dark in the early morning sky. This lunar movement created a 6 planet stellium or assembly of planets all in the sign of the Water Bearer. We haven’t seen this happen since 1962, when America first sent John Glen to Orbit the Earth. Which adds to the list of historical things occurring for us all over the last 12 months. But these are powerful and transformational times!

Adding to the magic of the past 2 days, Venus (the Planet of Love) and Jupiter (the Planet of Luck) conjoined to open up an expansive place for love and attraction to grow beyond our wildest imaginings. It’s good to know that love is on the rise as we pass through this time of pandemic, revolution and social unrest, because love is the answer to every problem we experience on this planet.

There is still time to plant a seed, set an intention and/or make a wish for the month ahead and to fully mature during the 2 Full Moons in Leo we will get this year on July 23rd and August 22nd. This is a rare occurrence and a wonderful omen for the positivity that awaits us in 2021.

Now to return to the Eastern side of things, let’s breakdown a bit of information about the Lunar New Year Sign and Element for 2021.

The Chinese Zodiac is divided into 12 animals are further flavored by the pervading element of that particular year (elements also revolve as a separate cycle). It is said that Buddha is responsible for the 12 animals as they were the only ones who came to bid him farewell into the next life.

The 12 Animal Signs are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit (or Cat), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (or Sheep), Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. The animal ruling year in which you were born has a profound influence on your life. The 5 elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water and change every 2 years as well as having both a Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) version of each.

If you were born in the years 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985 or 1997, 2009 then you were born under the sign of the Ox in Chinese astrology. One prediction for the Ox says that you are bright, patient and inspiring to others. You can be happy by yourself, yet make an outstanding parent. You should marry a Snake or Cock and avoid those Sheep.

The Ox is a steadfast and solid, a born leader. Dependable and they have what it takes to achieve great things. They are methodical, not plunging in without considering what the right steps are to get a project finished. They believe in doing it right the first time.

In the business world, because the Ox can be strong leader, they can also be a bit stubborn or dogmatic. They prefer to lead and don’t like to be pushed around.

While the Ox is smart, trustworthy caring and honorable, it can also be a bit judgmental and this characteristic can keep them from having the close friends and relationships that they desire. Some good advice for the Ox is to learn to value qualities in others, and to listen to what others have to say. Sometimes it pays just to say nothing.

I’ll end this post with a yearly prediction for all of us under the White Metal Ox:

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Ox is very hardworking and methodical. 2021 is going to be a year when work will get rewarded, and those zodiac signs who are lucky in terms of money this year will be the ones that will make a considerable effort.

The Yin energy, specific to the Chinese zodiac sign of Ox, will be quite poignant. This is going to be a year when we will fully feel the weight of our responsibilities, a year when it is necessary to double our efforts to accomplish anything at all.

Since this is a Metal year, for the second successive year, the color of 2021 is going to be white

Besides white, we have the lucky colors of the Ox: yellow and green, colors that, in Feng Shui, attract prosperity and success. To increase your luck, wear metal accessories.

This year, no explosive or catastrophic events will occur, so it is a favorable year for economic recovery or consolidation, a year of long-term investments (especially for creating a reserve stock for the coming unproductive years).

The Metal Ox year is also great for making order in the family life. After all, if the family life is peaceful, everything gets solved!

Thus, 2021 is a year when all the problems get solved with discipline. A lot of discipline! Obviously, with an extra effort from us in organizing our time.

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