Enter The Lion’s Gate on 8:8!

Every year when the sun moves into Leo an energetic gateway opens known as the Lions Gate or the Lions Gateway Portal.

It brings with it Starseed Energy, charged by the Sun’s exalted placement, and capped with the rise of Sirius - Earth’s brightest star.

As an astrologer who’s business is called Eighth House Wisdom there is a natural synchronicity with this astro event. Because the exact portal opening happens each year on 8:8.

The potential of the Lions Gate energy reminds me why I study and practice astrology.

We humans frequently say that life does not come with a guidebook or a map. But I beg to differ!

For me, my natal chart is a map of the soul’s journey complete with setting and characters for this lifetime.

A transit reports help me hone in on specific symbols, themes, and events for a time-limited period.

This information has been a gift providing clarity, direction and look for’s on the road ahead.

It’s the gift I am blessed to give each one of you in your reports and 1:1 readings for use at times like these.

Knowledge is power and this kind of knowledge equals star power!

But let’s get back to the topic at hand, explaining the Lions Gate Portal...