Cancer♋️: The Mother, The Longest Day of The Year & Summer’s Arrival☀️​

The Summer Solstice has arrived, which means it’s time to dawn our flower power crowns and go out to enjoy the longest day of the year. Well this is for all of us who are living on the northern side of the equator — for those living in the southern half of the globe, it will be the the shortest day of the year. The Summer Solstice happens every year somewhere close to June 20 and 22. This year’s Farmer's Almanac indicates that it begins on Sunday, June 20 at 11:32 pm ET. This blog post is all about how to enjoy the Solstice, Start of Summer and beginning of Cancer Season.

What is the Summer Solstice?

Solstice in a real sense means sol (sun) + sistere (stopping). The sun seems to halt abruptly for approximately three days. Notwithstanding, it's an excellent dream. The sun's general situation to the earth doesn't actually change. In ancient times, the sun appearing to stand still was a reason to celebrate. According to Farmer's Almanac, in Ancient Egypt, the Summer Solstice happened at the same time as the rising of the Nile River.

They had to protect their society and plan for flooding, so as a result, the Egyptian New Year began during the solstice. In other cultures, the Irish spent the eve of the solstice hunting for for precious gems and gold associated with the sun (silver is associated with the moon).

This day is also associated with Midsummer celebrations, most famously at Stonehenge, which is filled with flowers. According to the Wheel of The Year we are heading towards Litha, an ancient celebration of light and warm and the bounty of Summer’s fruits that peaks at the 1st Full Moon of Summer. This warmth, light and comfort of the summer sun are just the right introduction for the watery Season of Cancer.

☀️Cancer The Crab♋️​

⭐️​​4th House Ruler

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