Aquarius: The Rebel

☀️Aquarius The Water Bearer ♒️

⭐️​​11th House Ruler

⭐️​Air: Element💨​

⭐️​Cardinal: Fixed

⭐️ Motto: I KNOW

Welcome To Aquarius Season♒️​☀️​

The Revolution Has Been Televised 📺​

☀️​The symbol for this sign is a man holding a vessel of water trying to keep it all in. He is the water bearer, last of the air signs trying to contain the deep spiritual knowledge long enough to share it with everyone.

♒️​It’s glyph looks like 2 lightning bolts and they represent the electric energy that this sign sends through the air - like sound waves. We are now in the midst of a growing line up of planets in Aquarius called a Stellium. This is when 3 or more planets are in a sign the energy intensifies its qualities.

☀️​2021 is marked by the heavy Aquarian influence and coming off of the Great Conjunction just a month ago in this sign, we need to get ready for a wild, eccentric and revolutionary ride. Embrace your sense of the collective and let your freak flag fly.🏁

♒️​This is the best way to use the intense mental air-based💨​ energy. And make sure to remember that the changes and sudden upheavals that we are experiencing are for the highest good for the collective 🌎​

All About Aquarius♒️​

Were you born under the sign of Aquarius? Well, what a compassionate and generous person you are. And did you know that there really is an Age of Aquarius. It’s not just a songwriter’s concept it’s a real thing!

If your Zodiac sign is Aquarius, then you were born between January 19-20 and February 18-19. This makes you a humanitarian and more intelligent than most and given to thoughts of how to make the world a better place. You can be inventive and original, and you’re freedom-loving. You’re generous with your thoughts, whether people are interested or not! You can be eccentric and idiosyncratic, and need a lot of space, but your heart is nearly always in the right place.

What about love for Aquarians? Who’s the right partner for the highly intelligent and quirky sign? Someone who can appreciate their generous qualities and share their beliefs. Someone who is willing to explore and grow with them. An Aquarian will be happiest with someone who is open-minded, who is warm and understanding and willing to be a helpmate. While that may be the ideal for just about anyone, it’s especially important for an Aquarian to be able to have a partner who will share their passion for creating a better world and their generous nature.

More About The Water Bearer

Just as there are individual zodiac signs, so are the eras of human history divided into 2000-year segments of what’s called the Great Year. We just left the age of Pisces, which began at the beginning of the Christian era until the year 2000. It was a time marked by fluid changes in politics and governments. Pisces, of course, is the sign of the Fish, the symbol of Christianity.

But we are now in the Age of Aquarius, but only just in the dawn of it, like the song said. All the wonderful, generous characteristics of the Water Bearer are not yet symbolic of humanity as a whole yet. We can see this by the current turmoil with the racial unrest, government insurgence, a global pandemic of 2020 and after almost 20 years of war in the Middle East. But there is always hope on the horizon, people called to service and random acts of kindness. These are the harbingers and reminders of our arrival to the Age of Aquarius.

And to add to this Aquarian energy, we just moved into the Age of Air. It begins with the sign of Aquarius after 200 years of being in the Age of Earth. The shift happened in late December 2020 and was pointed by The Great Conjunction on December 21st . This is when Jupiter and Saturn met up at 0° Aquarius for a once every 20 year occurrence mashing up the energies of expansion & structure in the sign of the collective.

These are the powerful influences will have an impact on us for the next 30 days. If you are an Aquarius or just want to know more about what to expect during the next few weeks click HERE to order a copy of your personalized life instruction manual or birth chart.

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