Pisces: The Mystic

Welcome To Pisces Season♓️​​☀️​

Pisces: A Dream With A Little Bit Of Fantasy

☀️Pisces The Fish♓️​

⭐️​​12th House Ruler

⭐️​Element: Water💧​​

⭐️​Essence: Mutable

⭐️Motto: I KNOW

⭐️​Archetype: The Mystic

☀️​The symbol for this sign is two fish swimming in opposite directions. The fish run in the rivers of spirit as a water sign and the final sign of the Zodiac containing all the previous lessons for the soul. Pisces is known as The Innocent archetype.

♓️​​Its glyph represent the fish moving in opposite ways yet connected at their core. A reflection of the signs Mutable nature and what people may describe as “wishy-washy” in the watery element.

☀️Yesterday on ​2/17/2021 we experienced the first of three exact squares (hard connection) between Saturn (Limits/Boundaries) in Aquarius (The Rebel) and Uranus (Disruptor) in Taurus (The Citizen) that will happen in 2021. The Pisces energy will give this time in the aftermath a deeply emotional and spiritual quality.

♓️​​You will find your spidey-sense really active during the next month and more of a pull toward working behind the scenes then being out in the front. With all that is going on in the world make sure to find time every day to ground yourself emotionally. It’s the best way to use the intense vibes this water-based💧​​​ energy.