Can I Find Love Using Astrology?

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, I get lots of questions and requests from women for astrology and tarot/oracle reading about their love life. But it’s not just popular around the “love holiday”, I would say it is in the Top 3 questions I get asked about as an Astrologer, Intuitive Reader, Psychotherapist, or Coach.

And this is regardless of the kind of method I’m using to work with a client – clinical or intuitive. But it is natural that as women, that we want to partner, find love, maybe even become mothers. It’s an expression of our Sacred Feminine nurturing and creativity.

Love is something that everyone is looking for and desires. People get confused on love and lust; however, you can find all the answers in the stars. Have you ever gone to a free online site to do a compatibility check by zodiac signs?

Ever wonder how the online calculator or any astrologer for that matter, are able to compare the two to claim if you are a loving couple or a deadly couple? Well, once all the secrets have been revealed you will be shocked on all the information how powerful it is to use the stars to find love.

In this blog post, I’m going to briefly cover what astrology illuminates about love connections between people.

First, you need to understand what the planets mean when it comes to love. The first planet that plays a huge role in love is Venus. Venus is the goddess of love. It reveals a lot of information about how you approach relationships, continuous failing relationships, and how to find love and romance.