Can I Find Love Using Astrology?

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, I get lots of questions and requests from women for astrology and tarot/oracle reading about their love life. But it’s not just popular around the “love holiday”, I would say it is in the Top 3 questions I get asked about as an Astrologer, Intuitive Reader, Psychotherapist, or Coach.

And this is regardless of the kind of method I’m using to work with a client – clinical or intuitive. But it is natural that as women, that we want to partner, find love, maybe even become mothers. It’s an expression of our Sacred Feminine nurturing and creativity.

Love is something that everyone is looking for and desires. People get confused on love and lust; however, you can find all the answers in the stars. Have you ever gone to a free online site to do a compatibility check by zodiac signs?

Ever wonder how the online calculator or any astrologer for that matter, are able to compare the two to claim if you are a loving couple or a deadly couple? Well, once all the secrets have been revealed you will be shocked on all the information how powerful it is to use the stars to find love.

In this blog post, I’m going to briefly cover what astrology illuminates about love connections between people.

First, you need to understand what the planets mean when it comes to love. The first planet that plays a huge role in love is Venus. Venus is the goddess of love. It reveals a lot of information about how you approach relationships, continuous failing relationships, and how to find love and romance.

You will also find that if you look at your sign and the way that Venus is connected to your sign, you will be able to see where love is going and how you are able to express your love.

You also have to learn more about Mars. Mars is the male sign. It is what motivates you and energize you to find love and express your love. It is basically the drive of the relationship.

You will need to learn more about Mars in order to understand where the energy in your relationships are going. Mars will reveal what it is that makes others react to love by the way that it affects the birth chart, as well as revealing sexual desires and drives.

Speaking of sex, it's hard to think about love without sex, right? Well there are some lesser known parts of astrology that will help you to understand the sexual secrets of both the male and the female sign.

As a practitioner of Hellenistic Astrology, this is not a measure that is used in a love analysis but in it is most modern-day studies. You will need to look at interpretations of Eros in order to understand sex in more depth.

Your Sun Sign will also tell you if your relationship is possibly just lust and not really love. There are some signs that just don't work well together without herculean effort, but have a strong sexual attraction. Especially since the Sun is tied to our core sense of self and the ego.

As for emotional nature, it’s the Moon sign that provides insight. The Moon reflects our early environment and that which makes us truly comfortable in romantic situations. This is energy that is felt and sensed, not known on an intellectual level.

Just like any other major decision that you make doing some research is key to being able to understand and prepare for the love you really want. You need to know the difference between love and lust feels to understand where any newfound feelings are coming from.

This is where the stars come in. You can go beyond any free compatibility calculators to get a detailed Relationship or Compatibility Chart and Report from a professional astrologer. Even further, you can book a live astrology reading to have a guide walk you through the information provided from the analysis.

You can also get an Astrology text focused on love and relationships that will allow you to go into depth about multiple sign and planetary combinations.

At Eighth House Wisdom, I offer 3 different kinds of compatibility reports: The Relationship Report, Romantic Compatibility and Harmony Reports. I call them the "Astrology Of We" Each of these can allow you to hone in on the astrological factors that can lead to more successful love and family relationships.

But I’ve always wanted to go beyond that, so I have written an Astrological Compatibility guide specifically for women looking to find their “happily ever after”. The information is based on the zodiac expressed through the Divine Masculine.

Why write from the male perspective?

I have many requests from women who have some knowledge of astrology, but don’t understand shifts in expression in zodiac signs in men. I also have women who can’t afford a live consult but yearn to go deeper with their understanding.

I wanted to demystify and clarify for women how to apply what they know about astrology with the opposite sex and make better informed decisions in love!

So, I’m opening Pre-Order Sales today of Astrologically Happy Ever After until the release date on 3/13/2020. If you want to learn more about how to apply the power of astrology to find your soul mate use this link to place a pre-order.

I will be back next week with more information about Astrology and Love, by breaking down what a compatibility report is actually.

Light & Love,


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