The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Tools You Can Use...

I AM...

These are two of the most powerful words you can EVER use in the English language. Whatever they are coupled with is turned into a mantra - an immediate manifestation request of the universe. They paint a picture of the Vision we are creating for ourselves.

I am Melissa of Eighth House Wisdom🔮

I am an Astrologer✨

I am a Law of Attraction Coach📣

I am a Psychotherapist 🎭

I am a Desire Map Facilitator💙

As a lightworker, I thrive when using spiritual and manifestational tools to navigate life. I recite affirmations twice a day. I have them posted all over my house so that when I walk past I can evoke the power of their potent words. I want them to go before me filling in the vibrational grid for me like Abraham Hicks says!

You’ve got to have vision...

I have been blessed with many intuitive gifts. Clear hearing, clear sensing and clear knowing come very natural to me. What doesn’t is clear sight...well not without the aid of some visual or symbol.

I suppose this is why I read tarot, use oracle cards and analyze astrology charts. Learning this about myself helped me to embrace the need for Vision Boards and Wheels of Fortune in my manifestational practice.

Earlier this year on my podcast Salon Talk DMV, we had a Vision Board party for 2019. During the party I created my second Vision Board for the year, which focused on my career and businesses. When I was asked what would be on my board if I could only include four things, the answer was simple, it was my Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s).

I discovered My Core Desired Feelings by reading “The Desire Map” and completing the processes in the workbook.

Relaxed. Creative. Fulfilled. Free (And my newest CDF as of Summer 2019: High Priestess)

I used these feelings as a guide and filter for every image, idea and intention that I placed on my board. It made the process simpler than my first time around because I had clear boundaries and desired state of being to light the way.

This is how I was able to create something representational of the future I want to live in and reflective of the way I want to feel when I arrive. I’m such a geek for all things personal development, I still get a rush thinking about this process of creation!

And that’s why I’m always so excited to share my processes with you. Because we all want to step into an amazing future and make sure that it doesn’t just look good but it also supports the way we want to feel. I sometimes think this is the antidote to the saying “More money, more problems”, because intentional design of your future success with emotions in mind should have you avoiding any shitty feelings upon arrival.

To help you in the creation of your own vision board, here are some tips that allow it to be full of fantasy and heart centered at the same time.

Tips For Creating Your Vision Board:

What would you LOVE to focus on?

‣ What would IDEAL look like?

‣ What does your ideal Home Day look like?

‣ What does your ideal Away Day look like?

You don’t have to just make a vision board at the start of the new year. Anytime you are prepared to give birth to a new idea or embark upon a new journey, you should set a vision. And as far as I’m concerned making a vision board goes along with that.

And they don’t always have to be enormous poster size boards. I’ve done ones that are postcard size and even digital versions. At the end of this blog post I will list some of the apps that will allow you to create a digital vision board on your phone.

2019 Career & Business Vision Board

My current iPhone and iPad screen savers are mini vision boards which Catherine Ponder calls “Wheels of Fortune” and Abraham Hicks calls “Focus Wheels”. And of course it is not lost on me the repetition of the word “wheel“ and its relation to the circle of life and manifestation. Combining powerful images with intention it’s how you manifest. Abraham hicks says that it only takes 17 seconds of focused thought to get vibrational energy going and 68 seconds to fill in the grid for physical manifestation.

Many of us spend 68 seconds ranting about some shit that pissed us off that we don’t want to happen again. I know it sucks, but retelling the story actually makes it live again - even if you’re venting. It's important to remember that this too is manifesting. Ancient spiritual teachers suggest only speaking when what one has to say is positive or constructive, perhaps this is the root of their thinking.

That’s why we need mantras like “I AM” and visual aids like Vision Boards. We all need tools to help us focus our energy and intention. Some of us are naturally inclined to create our own based off of intuition and need. And others of us really need a toolkit and instructions in our highly scheduled and busy lives.

I hope these tips help you, it certainly help me keep my eye on the prize!

Vision Board Apps & Resources:

Hay House Vision Board

Vision Board

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