The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Tools You Can Use...

I AM...

These are two of the most powerful words you can EVER use in the English language. Whatever they are coupled with is turned into a mantra - an immediate manifestation request of the universe. They paint a picture of the Vision we are creating for ourselves.

I am Melissa of Eighth House Wisdomđź”®

I am an Astrologer✨

I am a Law of Attraction Coachđź“Ł

I am a Psychotherapist 🎭

I am a Desire Map Facilitatorđź’™

As a lightworker, I thrive when using spiritual and manifestational tools to navigate life. I recite affirmations twice a day. I have them posted all over my house so that when I walk past I can evoke the power of their potent words. I want them to go before me filling in the vibrational grid for me like Abraham Hicks says!