Scorpio and the Eighth House

This image spoke to me as it clearly describes the relationship between my own Western Astrology Sun Sign and the Astrological House that it rules. There are many symbols to represent the sign of Scorpio: the scorpion, the lizard, the snake, eagle, and the mythical Phoenix. As with all signs in Astrology, there is a lower and higher vibration of the energy. The scorpion and lizard are associated with the lower, underworld engeries. Like the lizard or snake who slithers on his belly, this represents are struggle with basal desire, revenge, greed, and aggression. While the eagle and Phoenix represent the soaring heights of being community minded with resources, connecting with Spirit and energy of those who have passed on, regeneration and rebirth. This image reminds me of the light and shadow that exists in all of us and the challenge to always rise to be my higher self and stay in the highest vibratory space possible...


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