Welcome to Eighth House Wisdom

Welcome to the Eighth House, where all things wise and mysterious abound! Our goal is to provide clients with a wide range of astrological, metaphysical, spiritual and clinical resources to aid in living a full and healthy life. Whoever first said "Knowledge is Power" was quite the rich genius, in my opinion. Nothing makes me feel more wealthy in physical and personal resources that a new piece of information. The even bigger joy is being able to share that information with others and spread the wealth! I consider this my training for philanthropy and something that I have been doing even​​ before I could name the practice. Going foward, I hope that this blog will be a place of great entertainment and inspiration, for all those who read it. I welcome your feedback and suggestions on topics to cover and research. One thing that I am sure of this that this endeavor will allow me to share many of my natural insights and gifts to the world and allow me to be the light worker that I was born to be. Thanks for joining me as we trip the light fantastique!!