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As a licensed psychotherapist I am trained in a number of therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, play and expressive arts therapy and am a Certified Gottman Educator (CGE). Through my 14 years of clinical experience I've combined studies in the areas of dream analysis, Jungian archetypes, astrology, tarot, herbal remedies and crystals, with a unique strengths based approach to promoting mental health. I am eclectic in my approach to support coaching clients to move beyond the mere identification of pathology to identifying inner resources and aiding them to make cognitive shifts that support their desired growth and development. 

  • Relationship Issues

  • Personal Growth/Self-Development

  • Time Management and Organization 

  • Stress and Emotional  Management 

  • Goal Setting and tolerating "change process"

  • Navigating major life transitions


60 minute coaching session via Telephone or Zoom   - $200

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are a great way address pressing or immediate questions or concerns in you life that you would like to seek counsel or get advice regarding your next steps. The Tarot tunes into your unique energetic field to provide tailored and specific guidance about love relationships, family, career, finances or deciding between multiple options. Readings use archetypal stories and images to illuminate what lies on the path ahead at the time the reading is cast. This allows the Tarot to act as a clarifying tool in choosing a course of action that aligns with your specific goal and your highest good.  


30 minute reading via Telephone, Zoom or Recording - $50

60 minute reading via Telephone, Zoom or Recording- $100

Astrology Reading Consultations

We offer two kinds of natal chart readings: standard and advanced readings. Both readings provide you with a personalized chart and analysis of factor which require at least 1 1/2 hours preparation work. This allows me to cast your chart, examine the unique planetary alignment and chart composition prior to our actual session. My training is in hellenistic astrology, which only focuses on the effect of the first 7 planets of the solar system. This differs from modern astrology which includes generational planets discovered in the last 200 years, such as Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Our session or recording will focus on providing a general overview of your astrological personality as well as the identification of key life events, strengths, weaknesses across the 12 house of the Zodiac.  

60 minute standard reading via Telephone, Zoom or Recording - $125

90 minute advanced reading via Telephone, Zoom or Recording- $175

Natal Chart for Newborns and Infants

A natal or birth chart is the map of the sky and planetary alignments at the time of one's birth. For a newborn child or infant, this reading can provide parents and family members with a unique understanding about the child's personality dynamics and overall character as they grow and mature. There is much less emphasis on the prediction of specific life events and much more guidance for adults about the attainment of your child's potential. The chart can be used as any other resource on early childhood development, to assist parents and caregivers in developing a deep understanding of the child's developmental dynamics and how to best support them in reaching their highest potential. 

50-60 minute reading via Telephone, Zoom or Recording  $90

All live sessions are recorded and provided to the client in mp3 format after the session. You may choose to do a RECORDING ONLY in lieu of a live session. Make sure to indicate your preference in the submission box below. 

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