One of life’s big questions I’m asked by women as an astrologer is about their romantic compatibility with men. For women trying to find their soul mate they want every advantage at getting through the maze called dating. How we meet men may have gotten an upgrade in the technology age, but wanting to find true love is something that’s timeless.


So I’ve taken the questions I’m asked and turned it into a guide for every woman to live “Astrologically Happy Ever After“. This guide is easy to read and is written specifically about men and how their energy is expressed through each astrological sign, planet and luminary.


The Soul Mate Secrets Revealed Include:

  • How to approach your first date and conversation
  • His flirtation style and what triggers commitment
  • How he expresses his energy socially and sexual
  • What turns him on… and off
  • His personal and romantic values
  • How to understand and interpret his signals

Astrologically Happy Ever After



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