The  Lunar Wisdom Formula

A Woman's Manifestation Guide To Align With Your Sacred Feminine Energy & Intuition By The Moon

This digital guide is for the modern woman looking to get in touch with her intuition, become a master manifestor and access the ancient moon guidance to navigate 2021. This book helps women to connect with the Moon and its cycles to unlock the energy of the Sacred Feminine and super charge your manifesting. With this easy to use guide you don’t even need to understand astrology to do the following:


  • Unlock Your Moon Manifesting Power

  • Discover The Lunar Wisdom Secrets of The Sacred Feminine

  • Learn & Apply The Lunar Wisdom Formula to your Month, Week & Day

  • Explore the Bonus Advance Applications to for even deeper insight and clarity - like eclipses and progressed moons. 

  • Complete with worksheets to help you focus on the energy of each new and full moon of 2021