My name is Melissa and I am a Black Astrologer. I've been a licensed psychotherapist since 2004  with clinical experience working with women, children and families in urban settings as well as working as an Instructional and Life Coach. I'm a lifelong student of religion and philosophy and the Owner and Chief Metaphysican  at Eighth House Wisdom.


Amongst my family, I've always been known as “An Old Soul” or told “She’s been here before”, due to the insights I had from the earliest of ages. Ever since I can imagine, I have had a passion for understanding human behavior and tapping into the unknown.


Through being gifted with a very spiritually open-minded family and the possessing the habits of an only child, I started my connection to divination arts very early. That manifested itself in studying astrology, psychology, tarot divination, dream interpretation, mantra chanting, hypnosis meditation & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or meridian tapping to quench my thirst.


This passion is also expressed through my love of natural foods and herbs and in creating natural healing remedies.






     There is nothing I feel more strongly about than sharing what I know and have learned along the way to help others. This led me to formal astrology training  in 2015, with my amazing teacher, Adam Elenbaas at the Nightlight Astrology School. After a year in the Natal Astrology Certification Course, I continued on for a second year of deeper application in the Horary Course, using astrological charts for divination.

    My studies introduced me to the differences in modern psychologically based astrology and the Hellenistic/Classical tradition, which only uses the 7 inner planets. This inspired Eighth House Wisdom so that I can share my thoughts and skills with a wider audience. As a black woman of color, I have a specific interest in sharing this information with other black and minority women. I feel it helps to fulfill my call to being a beacon light of self-discovery and transformation. 


        My sun sign is Scorpio which rules the 8th house and the mysteries of life and death. My personal tarot card is the Queen of Cups, ruler of the water element and a highly intuitive goddess. This "Reigning Queen of Cups" likes nothing more than being a clairaudient (hearing), claircognizant (knowing) and (feeling) clairsentient channel for Universal Truth and 8th House Wisdom to guide the way! Regardless of your belief system or religious affiliation, there is an interconnected web of Spiritual Energy that flows through us all.


   My studies and use of these “Spiritual Technologies” personally and with clients is aligned with highest good of all concerned. The wisdom comes from illuminating aspects of this Universal Truth to support others in making the best informed choices and decisions. My use of modern technology allows me to deliver services in-person, via e-mail, or tele-session (web or Skype). I look forward to connect with you soon


💋Reigning Queen of Cups👑 

Scorpio Sun☀️​♏️ | Sagittarius Moon🌙​♐️​ | Gemini Rising ⬆️​♊️​

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